Friday, July 6, 2012

Got any clue?Yet?

I had no clue what is my purpose to creat this blog!! 
I have created this blog about an year ago but i had no clue what i was going to write at that time...i took very long time to think but i still haven't figured it out what i actually should write?? In last few months I was on full swing in reading tons of blogs from all over the world!! There are thousands of amazing bloggers i found on the internet by whom i can easily and really inspire to be and love myself for who i am..i have been following them since then and reading their updats almost everday. Their lives and the things that they tells to their's really somthing that drives you to live differently and by apriciating your life no matter what situation.
Selective Potential , Bubby and the Bean:: Living Creatively, A beautiful Mess, Sincerly Kinsley, Ponytail (She is my also a friend of mine), Fashion Squad, Kendi Everyday, Tick tock :Vintage...and many more...most of them are fashion blogger and some of them are fashion designers. Their blogs are basically on lifestyle, crafts, creativity, DIY, Photography and food! as i am also a enthusiast on photography these people has inspired me in so many ways. Until now i was wondering why i had created this blog and what the hell i will be continuously posting in here, i was clueless about all these things ...but after reading these peoples' story i get to know that dont need a mere subject or purpose to post here...i can write whatever makes me feel happy or inspire me in every way!! so that's why i write my first Blog about the bloggers that has really inspired me recently. Reading their posts, i have become more profound on what i can do here and in life too...!!!

hope you guys have wonderful weekend!!